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Whether you are use for personal or business or IT company data backup, you make the right choice, and we are ready to serve you! Only with $7 per month, you will get 1 TB backup storage and no worry the data loss again!

Our HQ company Visual Idea Network partner with Backblaze company, and sub the business to Xsinor.

If you have any queries or start to use our service, welcome to drop message to us!

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visual idea network

Veeam, Server, NAS, & Computer BackupProtect your business by backing up critical data from all your devices. Veeam Backup Seamlessly tier your Veeam backups into Backblaze B2 with Cloud Tier. No interruptions to your workflow as all backup jobs and restores occur directly within Veeam Backup & Replication.

Meet Veeam BackupNAS BackupUsing native integrations from Synology, QNAP, TrueNAS and more, you can easily back up and sync your NAS data to B2 Cloud Storage.Meet NAS BackupServer BackupServers are complicated, backing them up doesn’t need to be. Using the joint light-touch solution from Backblaze and MSP360, you now have a powerful backup solution that is simple to use, feature-rich, affordable.

Meet Server BackupComputer BackupEasily protect your business data through a centrally managed admin. Unlimited, secure, off-site backup for your business. Extended Version History: Retain files versions for one year or forever.Meet Computer Backup

backup storage

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backup storage service

Xsinor Hosting is a new era hosting company and managed by Visual Idea Network.



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